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What To Watch For: Illegal Drug Sales

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Depending on if you are doing a neighborhood watch and safety patrol, or posted on site by your employer, you may witness suspicious activities in your area.  This is not always an indication of wrong doing, but should be noted nevertheless. Some of the activities listed below, especially happening alone, may have a reasonable explanation. For example, frequent visits to a house might simply mean that a large and sociable family lives there. However, in combination, the activities below could mean that you are seeing illegal drug activity. Sometimes sales and manufacturing happen in the same location, and sometimes not.

Are you witnessing drug sales? Drug sales may happen at a home, a business, or in a public place, such as a street or a park.

Possible signs of drug sales:

  • Numerous short visits to the location by people in vehicles, on bicycles, and/or on foot
  • Money or small packages being exchanged
  • Cars frequently drive slowly by the location
  • Visitors often bring personal property and leave without it
  • People who appear to be acting as lookouts
  • Activity at the location happens at odd hours such as in the middle ofthe night or early in the morning
  • Occupants seem paranoid, unfriendly, or secretive
  • Shades or blinds are constantly drawn, even though a house is occupied
  • Unusually extensive security measures around a house
  • Inconsistent displays of financial status, such as a very expensive car belonging to someone living in a very modest, run-down home
  • Drug paraphernalia at or near the location, such as: very small ziplock plastic baggies; small bundled or twisted pieces of cellophane; small pieces of balloon; hypodermic needles and needle caps; broken automobile antennae; small glass vials or pipes; or small pieces of brillo pads
  • Elevated levels of crime in the surrounding area, such as burglaries,car prowls, and identity theft

(Information courtesy of Portland Police. Thank you.)


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October 9, 2013 at 12:59 pm

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