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Tips for security, safety, and crime prevention volunteers

Getting Involved

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Getting involved in serving your community isn’t difficult at all.  There are many organizations, and many different levels of participation.  It’s very simple to find some sort of activity that is right for you.

If you are interested in safety and crime prevention, look in your local newspapers for any scheduled community events they might be advertised in your area. Often neighborhood associations, or the local police department, will schedule public meetings to address concerns and to organize participation in neighborhood watches.

You may also call your local police department (using the non-emergency number when calling) to speak with their communications officer, or neighborhood program organizer. If there is a local neighborhood watch, or one in a nearby area, speak with one of the block captains. They can often help you with information and contact numbers.

CERT training is offered in many locations. Check with your local police or fire departments, or locate the closest training center near you by using the CERT website.

Is your local fire department a volunteer organization?  Attend an open house, or ask if they have a recruitment officer.  Some States have fire police positions the serve along with the firemen, so look into that option as well.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Volunteer and see how you fit in.  You’ll meet new people, make valuable contacts and receive training and experience.


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