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Tips for security, safety, and crime prevention volunteers

So, why Sentinel Handbook?

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So, why the “Sentinel Handbook”?  Simple question, simple answer.  My nickname for the last few years has been Silver Sentinel, and this is my handbook.  It’s not an attempt to create an organization of, “Sentinels”, but I am trying to offer advice that will be useful to others as they seek to become sentinels¹ in their own home communities.

The advice presented here has been collected, discussed, and tested against my own experiences and training, as well as those of my trusted colleagues.  Herein you will find out how I do things, which is not necessarily how others will do the same things. Think of it as a personal collection of notes and articles – a one man’s how-to manual.

Feel free to take whatever you find here and use as you will.  All that I ask is that you act responsibly and in a lawful manner.  Do your own thing to add to the positive in your community, and avoid doing harm.

Always remember, what goes around, comes around.  Don’t get run over by the Karma Bus.


¹ Sentinel – a watchman or protector, meant to act as eyes and ears during times of alert, and an able body during times of need.


Written by Silver Sentinel

April 4, 2013 at 11:48 pm

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